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(Last Updated On: July 3, 2020)
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Is advertising on BRT buses in Lagos truly effective?

First, let take a look at a few stats.

A study shows that 71% of people in America often look at the messages on a roadside billboard and a majority of them at one time learned about an event that interested them through billboard ads.

Another study shows that 83% of people recall seeing an outdoor advert before shopping.

Of course, this shows that outdoor advertising just like local searches can also trigger buying decisions.

Different studies show that outdoor ads are 382% more effective at driving online activity than TV and about $5.97 in product sales are generated by outdoor advertising per $1 spent.

It is also on record that 25% would search for a brand online after seeing OOH ad and 11% would visit a brand’s social media channels.

The same study reveals that 14% of these people would take a photo of the ad on their smartphones.

In one survey, 83% say they remember the out-of-home advertising they saw within the last 30 minutes before shopping.

Of course, all these stats are a pointer to how effective outdoor advertising could be for businesses, but does this also translate on BRT transit advertising?

Let’s find out.

In this article, we shall examine how effective BRT transit advertising in Lagos could be and of course, if you find it interesting, use the social media buttons to share to your friends.

I would be super excited.

So, let get started.

5 science-backed proofs that transit advertising works

With the way digital media is permeating every aspect of our lives, a lot of people had expected that traditional marketing would fall in disgrace.

Interestingly, some of them haven’t and studies have shown they won’t anytime soon.

And of course, one of them is transit bus advertising.

Why did they stand the test of time? Why are brands still leveraging them despite the occasional rants and soul-depressing prophecies against them?

Of course, because they work.

And here are a few stats that prove this.

Transit advertising leads the pack in outdoor advertising

A study shows that in 2018, transit advertising leads the pack in out-of-home media.

Perhaps, this might be because when compared to other forms of outdoor advertising, transit ads offer the highest number of impressions.

According to the same study, transit advertisements receive up to 350k impressions per week.

Obviously, this is because they are not constrained to a single location. They gain tractions as the buses traverse the breadth of the city through strategic routes.

This makes transit advertisements just like the other forms of outdoor advertising ridiculously low cost, especially when you consider how much it costs per impression.

Of course, this is because unlike in digital ads, there are no repeating costs for every new impression.

A study shows that the average CPM for billboard advertising is $5.22 while the averages for cable TV, Facebook and Linkedin are $17.7, $11.2 and $6.46 respectively.

Of course, the cost and massive impressions explain why discerning businesses still leverage them to drive massive exposures for their brands.

brt advertising in lagos-transpose-services
BRT Avdvertising in Nigeria

Around 30 million people see an ad on a bus every week

A study by TGI shows that every week about 30 million people in the UK see an ad on a bus.

In Lagos, a study reveals that a single bus wrap can generate between 30,000-80,000 views per day and this is about 210,000-560,000 views per week.

Of course, you already know the reasons for these massive impressions.

BRT transit advertisements in Lagos take ads to major areas of town, plying strategic routes from Ikorodu to TBS through Mile 12, Maryland, Fadeyi, Surulere, Ojuelegba and Costain.

Some of the buses go to TBS through Yaba.

Of course, these are areas where the majority of the Lagos’ working-class converge daily and the truth is imaginative bus designs cannot be missed.

A lot of brands are leveraging this to get their messages across to them without being intrusive.

61% of consumers had seen transit ads on buses within the last 7 days

Now imagine what this means for brands.

And not just that…

The same study also shows that many passers-by remember to have seen ads up to 7 after being exposed while a different study reveals that more than 80% recall seeing OOH advertising within half an hour before shopping.

Another study shows that 82% of people who remember seeing a digital billboard recalls its ads. And of course, this is also true for transit advertising.

In a different study, it was found out that 35% of the 25 to 34-year old have seen transit ads in the last week.

Of course, this means that transit advertisement is an effective medium for reaching the younger generations.

29% of adults commute on buses for a minimum of an hour a week

Perhaps, you understand what this means for businesses.

When people are consistently exposed to a brand and its value propositions for a long time, they tend to develop an emotional connection with the brand.

And honestly, when it comes to long exposure, transit advertisements are perfect at that.

One amazing thing with this is that it makes it quite easier for brands to activate this group of people and convert them.

Of course, another implication of this stat is that it proves that transit advertising is also effective for reaching the older generation.

This means that transit advertising is a perfect medium for reaching all the consumers’ age groups.

90% of people live within 5 minutes of a bus route

In a nutshell, this means that 90% of people are exposed to transit advertisements.

Of course, this is encouraging when you compare this percentage to the proportion of the population that might be exposed to digital ads.

Data from Statista shows that internet penetration in Nigeria as of 2018 is 47.1% and this is projected to reach 84.5% in 2023.

Of course, this would still fall below the proportion of the population that is exposed to transit advertisements.

And the bad news is people don’t even love digital ads.

Of course, they are intrusive, disruptive and overtly annoying and the truth is nobody loves this.

But a study by QMedia shows that in the UK, 79% of consumers prefer buses with ads.

And not just in the UK.

The truth is consumers generally prefer buses with ads. Perhaps, because they are imaginative, captivating and engaging.

Getting started with BRT Transit Advertising in Lagos

If you stay in Lagos, then you would have probably seen a BRT bus branded by us.

At Transpose Services, we enable brands to leverage the power of transit advertising to execute creative audacity that would engage, inspire and connect people to brands.

As a leading agency in Lagos, we have worked with brands across the country to get their messages on the BRT buses, delivered to diverse audiences across strategic routes.

From the planning process to actual execution, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients smile.

Get in touch with us. Discover how your brand can leverage bus advertising in Lagos to create emotional responses from consumers that can drive results. LEARN MORE

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Cost of BRT advertising in Nigeria varies depending on the routes and city you choose to execute your Transit advertising campaign, it cost between NGN140, 000 and NGN270, 000 monthly per Bus to advertise on BRT buses in Lagos, Abuja FCT, Benin, Ogun State other cities in Nigeria. For more information contact Transpose Services on +2348181139090 or +2349036296591 or shoot us a mail at
It cost eight hundred thousand naira (NGN800, 000) only to display your brand adverts on a BRT bus station monthly, the cost covers advertising on both lanes of a particular BRT bus-stop, however, discounts will be offered if you are advertising on more than one bus-stop at a time.
Yes, our cost covers both Printing and installation of the Ad on the buses and all necessary permits required aside APCON vetting permit.
There is no minimum number of Buses to advertise on, you can advertise on any number of BRT Bus within your campaign budget. Even though we firmly suggest you advertise on at least one BRT Bus on all available routes in all or either Lagos, Benin City, Abuja FCT, Ogun state for a wider reach and better conversion rate, Depending on what you want to achieve with your campaign.
Aside from the fact that we have a team assigned to monitor our client's adverts campaign on regular basis, We will send you weekly picture reports of your working Branded buses to prove that your adverts are being displayed to your audience on a daily bases. However, if you also want to monitor your ad from your end we will provide you with information on the movement of the buses, so you can be assured that your buses are working.
Our BRT Buses are maintained regularly mostly on Sundays weekly; however, break down is inevitable because they are motors. In the case where a bus branded with your advert breaks down unexpectedly, we will inform you to allow at least 48 hours for the repair. If the repair takes longer than 3 days, your ad will be placed on another Bus at no extra cost charged.
es, the costs are slightly negotiable, if you are advertising on 5 or more BRT buses or Bus Station Locations at a time, for more information contact Transpose Services on +2348181139090 or +2349036296591 or shoot us a mail at
It depends on how many buses you want to advertise on, but it takes an average of 4-5 hours to wrap a full BRT bus and at most 48hrs for the BRT Buses to be Branded with your Ad after all requirements have been met and payment have been confirmed.
Payments are to be paid in full before commencement of the branding process, a period of 48 hours should be allowed for the branding of the Buses.
Yes, discounts and special packages will be available depending on the number of buses you are advertising on and the duration of the campaign, long term campaign with a high number of buses attracts discounts. Please contact Transpose services for more information.
Yes, your advert artwork must be vetted with APCON before we can carry on with branding the buses, also a certificate of approval will be required from NAFDAC for all form of consumable products such as foods, drugs and Drinks. Should in case you haven’t vetted your adverts, Transpose Services can take care of the Vetting process for a cost of NGN28, 000 only, Vetting take 2weeks to process, except you want to go for Fast track vetting which takes 5hours to process at a cost of NGN250,000 only.
Yes, you are to submit your advert artwork in CorelDraw format (.cdr.). Should in case you don’t have any available, our in-house professionals’ designers can work with your team to design a perfect and engaging artwork piece for your campaign at a cost of NGN15, 000 only.
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