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Who We Are



we are a professional creative team of event management specialists and Brand communications experts with(#of years) years of experience producing high-quality events of every type and scale, as we have constantly delivered excellence to our clients.


Our passion is to bring the brands/products of our client to live so that they would have less to worry. Our goal is also to represent our clients to the highest calibre by delivering superior activation/events objective. Our objective is to delight you our valued customer, by creating “TOMA” for the products and exceeding your business requirements.

If you look up for the word “TRANSPOSE” it means to TRANSFORM. Exactly our approach to the brand(s) and individuals that cross our path. We TRANSFORM them.



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on a mission to fulfilling dreams; we exist to provide innovative solutions that position our clients, unite their brands with consumers, helping them stay relevant and profitable.


To be globally recognized as leaders in our industry as we positively influence the growth and development of a high number of businesses across Nigeria and Africa.

Our Values


To be effective means being able to accomplish a purpose, this is the basis of our existence, to fulfill your purpose.


We pay attention to maintaining quality standards to surpass client’s expectations always.


By our culture of performing and doing things successfully, we get it done and get it done very well always.

Since our existence we have partnered with numerous local and international brands