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How smart businesses are leveraging outdoor advertising in Lagos

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2020)
outdoor advertising billboard in lagos, nigeria

In 2016, over 615 million people downloaded Ad blockers and two-thirds of the millennial currently have one installed in either their computer or mobile devices.

This shows that average consumers have inexplicable resentment for ads.

Of course, this is because it is super intrusive and annoyingly disruptive. The truth is, nobody wants to have his privacy desecrated.

According to a study, 91% of people say that ads are more intrusive today than 2-3 years ago while 79% feel like they are being tracked by retargeted ads.

The same study shows that pop-up ads have 73% disapproval rating while 81% reported having closed a web page because of a pop-up.

Data gotten from Invespcro shows that only 8% of internet users account for 85% of clicks on display ads and the average click rate for display ads is only 0.1%. This means that only one in a thousand Ads in a campaign is clicked.

This is disappointing, and the bad news is that about 1/3 of the ads clicks are even accidental.

Of course, this is terrifying but it becomes scarier when you realize that 45% of people report that they don’t notice ads any more, even if they don’t use ad blockers.

In fact, in 2017 marketers in the UK wasted over £7.2 Billion on unseen ads.

To the discerning businesses, the above stats are a pointer that there is a need for a paradigm shift.

The secret lies in making ads less intrusive, less annoying and more engaging.

And luckily, this is where guerrilla marketing comes in.

I have always love HubSpot’s definition of guerrilla marketing. According to them, guerrilla marketing is a form of unconventional inbound marketing that raises brand awareness among large audience without interrupting them.

One of the good things about this marketing tactic is that it is budget-friendly, unconventional and of course, yields maximum results.

It works by looking at your audience’s current environment, evaluate it, then figure out which segment of the audience can be repurposed to include your brand.

It is simple, fun, yet very effective.

According to Akin Oyabode, the Executive Secretary of Lagos State Employment Trust Fund

“Guerrilla marketing is said to make a far more valuable impression with customers in comparison to more traditional forms of advertising and marketing”

Obviously, this is why smart businesses leverage it and, in this article, you would learn exactly how these smart businesses are using guerrilla marketing in outdoor advertising in Lagos.

Let dive in…

What is outdoor advertising?

Put simply, outdoor advertising is any advertising that tries to reach prospects when they are outside their homes.

The advertising activities are carried outdoors to grab people’s attention when they are on the move to connect them emotionally to the brand and inspire them to action.

A study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows that average consumers spend about 70% of their time outdoors. And this, of course, offers raw opportunities to businesses.

One great thing about this mode of advertising is that it is highly imaginative and allows advertisers to reach prospects at a time they are relaxed and more receptive to advertisements.

It is neither disruptive nor intrusive.

Does outdoor marketing still work?

Of course, it does.

According to Statista, one of the world’s largest depositaries of statistics, out-of-home advertising is the second most popular advertising medium in Nigeria after TV and the outdoor advertising budget is projected to grow in 3 years.

The same statistics show that internet advertising trails outdoor marketing at a third position based on the advertising budget.

In the United States, about $7.7 billion were spent on outdoor advertising in 2017 alone.

This amount rises consistently by 2% year-to-year according to the same data but by 2022, Statista projects that the ad budget for out-of-home advertising would hit $11.5 billion.

Globally, the budget was forecasted to grow to $38.06 billion by 2020.

All these growths in outdoor ad spend show that outdoor advertising works and here are just a few of the reasons a lot of brands are spending so much dollar on outdoor advertising globally.

  • Outdoor ads are 382% more effective at driving online activity than TV.
  • About $5.97 in product sales are generated by outdoor advertising per $1 spent.
  • 85% of consumers report that outdoor advertising is helpful.
  • When paired with digital search campaigns, out-of-home advertising boosts the effectiveness of the campaign by 40% and 14% when paired with print ads
  • 25% would search for a brand online after seeing OOH ad, 11% would visit a brand’s social media channels while 14% would take a photo of the ad on their smartphones.

Of course, outdoor advertising can be very effective, however, the truth is it can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses.

But how do the smart ones still leverage it in guerilla marketing?

Let dive in.

How smart businesses are crushing it with outdoor marketing in Lagos

I am going to walk you through how smart businesses are currently using outdoor marketing in Lagos to nail it.

Since you are ready, let’s go…

Flyers distribution and Leaflet Sharing in Lagos

flyers distribution campaign by transpose services team
Flyers marketing campaign in Lagos GT Bank by Transpose Services team

In an era where people are becoming more skeptical about ads, a lot of marketers are now relying on flyers distribution in Lagos and leaflet sharing to reach their prospects.

A well-executed leaflet marketing campaign can help businesses to get their messages across and connect people to brands emotionally.

It provides an opportunity for businesses to advertise within a restricted budget, geo-target a specific audience group and at the same time, grow their bottom line.

The key to a successful campaign is designing flyers that can communicate your value propositions clearly and without ambiguity.

Luckily, you can check out this guide for inspiration on how to design flyers that drive results.

Why smart businesses leverage flyers distribution marketing

transpose services team distributing flyers in lagos
A flyers distribution campaign by Transpose team

Of course, every type of media is effective in today’s marketing, especially when used in a multi-channel campaign.

But here are a few reasons global brands specifically leverage flyers distributions as a valuable marketing strategy.

62% of people avoid TV advertisements

It was earlier pointed out above that TV advertising is the leading advertising medium in Nigeria based on ad spends.

Of course, this shows that television is the preferred medium to reach new prospects for marketers in the country, but the bad news is that research by the Direct Marketing Association reveals that 62% of people avoid TV advertisements.

This shows that there is a future with flyers marketing.

79% of flyer recipients either keep, pass on to a friend or glance over the content

Of course, to many people, this is a disappointment.

This stat clearly shows that the majority of consumers appreciate flyers, unlike the occasional social media rants that promotional flyers or pamphlets end up in the trash bin.

In fact, according to David Thorpe, the General Manager of Marketing at London Drugs LTD, customers love their flyers and to be competitive, businesses need to have flyers in the marketplace to show customers that they are there.

While according to Mark Baltazar, a partner at BrandSpark International, a marketing research firm, shoppers find print flyers easier to navigate and more time efficient.

33% of potential customers keep marketing flyers with money-off coupons

This might be the key to unlocking a floodgate.

Imagine what it means for your business if you distribute 10,000 pieces of well-designed flyers with money-off coupons to a well-targeted audience. According to one DMA research, 33% of potential consumers would keep such flyers.

And of course, this means more sales.

The same research shows that door-dropped flyers are glanced by 78% of the consumers while 23% would read them properly.

48% of consumers actually visit or call the store after receiving a flyer

Of course, this shows that flyer marketing drives engagement.

According to research by DMA, 48% of consumers actually visited the shop advertised after receiving a flyer through their door, requested for extra information or bought a product.

A separate study by PlotProjects reveals that 7x more consumers visit a store if exposed to a flyer.

38% of flyers are kept for at least a few days after the distribution

Of course, this is another major blow to the anti-flyers’ movement.

Research shows that 38% of flyers are kept for at least a few days while 13% are kept for over a week. The study also found that money-off flyers are 50% more likely to be held for at least a week.

This reiterates our earlier emphasis on flyers with money-off coupons.

Final thought on flyers distribution marketing

a team of 5 Transpose flyers distributor
Campaign in Lagos for Leo

Despite the sweeping effect the rise of digital technology and online marketing had on traditional marketing, print flyers have significantly weathered the threats.

Over the years, this mode of advertising has helped numerous brands across countries and in different continents to reach wider audiences, build an emotional connection with people and drive business revenues.

And, this trend seems not to be dying anytime soon.

Leverage it in guerilla marketing just like smart businesses do to scale your growth.

Looking for a cost-effective yet result-oriented way to do this and 3.5x your revenue? Then GET IN TOUCH to get started.

Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation in Lagos

Transpose services experiential marketing campaign for Itel

According to a study by Marketo, an average person receives about 3000 messages per day. Of course, this is too much for an individual to process without going insane.

But how do smart businesses cut through the noise to get their messages across?

In an era where a lot of consumers are skeptical about the information they consume, this poses career-threating challenges to today’s marketers.

But for the discerning minds, there is no big deal. A lot of smart businesses in Lagos are now relying heavily on experiential marketing and brand activation campaigns to build an immersive experience that connects people to brands and inspire actions that drive bottom lines.

In this article, I am going to walk you through what experiential marketing is and why you should leverage it as smart business.

So, let’s go.

What is experiential marketing?

A recent experiential campaign in Lagos by Transpose services

Experiential marketing is any advertising strategy that focuses on helping consumers to experience a brand.

Of course, it is not just an advertising strategy, it creates meaningful ways for brands to communicate with their audiences and relate with them on personal levels.

Experiential marketing utilizes immersive experiences to build memorable emotional connections that can activate brands, create unrivalled brand awareness, build a massive following and uniquely inspire a fiercely loyal customers base.

The key to a successful brand activation campaign is consistency in giving consumers’ group immersive branded experiences.

Why experiential marketing is the next big thing

Brand activation campaign by Transpose for Fero in Lagos
Brand activation campaign by Transpose team for FERO in Lagos

A study by EventTrack in 2016 shows that 77% of marketers use experiential marketing as a core part of their advertising strategy.

A survey by Bizzabo in 2018, shows that 31% of marketers believe that live events are the most effective marketing strategy over email marketing, content marketing and digital advertising.

According to a recent study by EventMarketer, 65% of brands say that events and experiential program are directly related to sales while in a survey by The Event Marketing Evolution, 52% of the respondents say event marketing drives more business value than other marketing channels.

Various studies have shown that experiential marketing and brand activation campaign is not dying any time soon. 87% of C-suite executives believe in the power of live event marketing and plans on investing more into them while 63% of marketers plan on increasing the number of marketing events they organize.

In the next 3-5 years, CMOs are expecting to allocate 21-50% of the marketing budget to experiential marketing.

One thing of course is, experiential marketing has come to stay, and here are a few other things that make it very unique, especially in Lagos.

  • Experiential marketing creates customers’ experience that is immersive and uniquely sophisticated
  • Experiential marketing can help you to reach your customers wherever they are, directly, establishing personal relationships
  • A well-executed campaign can activate the real essence of your brand and its core values
  • Experiential marketing has helped a plethora of brands in Lagos and across the country to drive their bottom-line
  • Brand activation campaigns integrate flawlessly with other marketing channels to inspire results.
  • With experiential marketing, you don’t have to worry about breaking banks to execute one. It is cost-effective.

Final thought on experiential marketing in Lagos

Of course, unique experience, the customers reach, brand relevance, positive R.O.I, channels integration and the cost-effectiveness make experiential marketing in Lagos a smart strategy for the ambitious businesses.

When you are ready to get started with experiential marketing, just follow these simple steps to craft a campaign that can connect consumers emotionally to your brand.

  • Carry out thorough assessments to identify what your customers need.
  • Create a campaign that is uniquely yours and purely immersive
  • Select a location where your audience group converges and strategic to your business goals
  • Execute your campaign without mistakes

Don’t know how to get started? Discover how your brand can leverage experiential marketing to create emotional responses from consumers that can drive results. LEARN MORE

Billboard and Lamp Post Advertising in Lagos

Since ages, businesses have been leveraging out-of-home advertising to guarantee massive exposure for their brands.

Of course, the truth is with the way digital revolution is sweeping across boards and launching devastating onslaughts on traditional marketing, billboards and lamp posts advertising should have been a relic of the past.

But they haven’t.

In fact, with more Nigerians on the move, more than ever, brands have continued to utilize billboards and lamp posts in Lagos to tell their brand stories and connect people to their brand.

And all indices have continued to point that billboard advertising is not dying any time soon.

A study finds out that while radio, print media and television ads have declined in prominence, out-of-home ads have enjoyed 31 consecutive quarters of growth, and a 35% increase in ad spend since 2010.

By 2021, billboards are expected to grow to a $33 billion industry.

And, here are a few reasons people love billboards and lamp posts

It is worth pointing out that around mid-last year, Netflix invested a whopping $150 million for 35 billboards along the sunset strip in LA.

Of course, just like Netflix top global tech brands are battling each other fiercely for a voice at the highways.

But what actually is driving this wild excitement for billboards?

Let find out…

A study by Arbitron shows that 71% of people in America often look at the messages on a roadside billboard and a majority of them at one time learned about an event that interested them through billboard ads.

Of course, this is also true for other places.

The same study shows that 32% of drivers visited a business they saw advertised on a billboard sometime during the week while half of the respondents claimed that they had gotten directions to a specific business from their billboard ad.

A different study shows that 83% of people recall seeing an outdoor advert before shopping.

Of course, this shows that just like local organic searchers, billboards can also initiate buying decisions.

One of the interesting things about billboard advertising is the ridiculously low cost, especially when you consider how much it costs per every one thousand people that see the billboard ad.

According to a study, the average CPM for billboard advertising is $5.22 while the averages for cable TV, Facebook and Linkedin are $17.7, $11.2 and $6.46 respectively.

And unfortunately, these numbers have continued to grow consistently.

How smart businesses leverage billboard and lamp post advertising

A tall billboard in Lagos
billboard advertising in Lagos

Over the years, brands in Nigeria and across continents have leveraged both billboards and lamp posts to drive massive exposure that engages people and activate brands.

But how can your business also leverage this to drive results?

Luckily, it is simple, yet very effective. So, let’s get started.

First, start with an eco-friendly vendor

Of course, this would not impact directly on the bottom line, but it won’t hurt taking proactive steps that would keep our earth safe. The truth is protecting our environment is a duty we owe to posterity and one we have to execute with all seriousness.

So, it is important that you pick a billboard company that understands this.

Pick the right time to advertise

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing.

Understanding when your various consumers’ groups want to be reached and sticking religiously to it could be all you need to move the needle.

Of course, it could be quite difficult to pinpoint this exactly but this is where an advertising agency comes into play.

A good agency can leverage its experience in the field to craft a campaign that would yield results.

Pick the prime locations

Just like timing, nothing beats good locations when it comes to billboard or lamp post advertising.

It is important you understand exactly where your consumers converge and the routes they take. Younger generations are likely to spend much of their outdoors at recreational places, local bars and cinemas.

Obviously, the business class would always converge around the bus terminals, airports, hotels and conference centres.

It is important you understand this when targeting any demographic group.

Go for elevated exposure

Of course, this is necessary if you truly desire results with your billboard advertising.

Your adverts should always be in full view of your target audience. So, always pick billboards or lamp posts that would you give elevated exposure your competitors won’t help but admire.

Create a message that sticks

An eco-friendly billboard, superb timing, perfect locations and elevated exposure are all useless if you can’t communicate your message effectively.

You should understand that your audience is always on the move, so you have literally a few seconds to grab their attention.

So, create a message that can communicate your value propositions in a few words.

Final thought on billboard and lamp post advertising in Lagos

Thinking outside the box is important when it comes to creating a billboard advertising plan that would drive results.

So, it is important you always go for agencies that can creatively use the billboards or lamp posts to tell brand stories, engage people and inspire them to action.

Need some expert advice on how to slay it with billboard advertising or lamp posts in Lagos or any part of Nigeria? Contact us and we’ll help you to get on the right track.

BRT Bus Advertising in Lagos

We have seen how impactful advertising on billboards or lamp posts in Lagos could be, but what about having a billboard that is mobile?

Of course, this puts your brand on the move.

Since the 20th century, a lot of businesses have relied on transit advertising to get their messages delivered to diverse audiences across strategic routes.

And over the years, the demand for this simple but effective mode of advertising has continued to grow consistently.

And in this article, we will examine what transit advertising is and why smart businesses leverage it as a guerilla tactic.

Let’s get started.

What is transit advertising?

Transit advertising is advertising that is placed on any mode of public transportation or in public transportation terminals.

This mode of advertising tries to reach diverse audience groups defined by both demographic and geographic characteristics over diverse strategic routes.

How effective a transit advertising campaign would be for your business; obviously, depends on the type of product you have and the demographic group you are targeting.

Of course, the truth is transit advertising though very effective will not work for every business, especially small brick and mortar B2C businesses that are located far away from the transit routes.

Transit advertising can be broadly divided into two categories.

  • Indoor transit advertising: this refers to advertisements that are placed inside transit vehicles or inside the transit shelters. It could be on transit TV, leaflets or posters on the back of the vehicle seats.
  • Outdoor transit advertising: this type of transit advertising places the ads on the outer bodies of the transit vehicles. It is also known as transit bus branding and it is the most commonly used type of transit advertising.

Benefits of advertising on the BRT buses in Lagos

transit advertising

If you stay in Lagos, then you would have probably seen a BRT bus branded by us.

As a leading transit advertising agency in Lagos, we have helped a lot of brands over the years to get their messages on the BRT transit buses, delivered to diverse audiences across strategic routes in Lagos.

The demand for this service kept increasing consistently over the year, so what actually is driving this demand?

Let find out…

The extensive coverage

A study shows that a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-80,000 views per day.

Of course, with over 21 million people living in Lagos since 2016 according to a National Population commission’s statistic, this can also be said to hold true in Lagos.

A single BRT bus traversing the breadth of Lagos through strategic routes that run from Ikorodu all the way to TBS can generate enough views from a transit ad that can connect people to the brand and of course, inspire action.

The Geo-targeting

Geographical targeting is an important element in 21st-century marketing practices. In an era where there is always a growing concern on the advertising R.O.I, advertisers are relying on geo-targeting to maximize their marketing budget.

Of course, this is because showing ads to consumers outside the intended market is a waste of impressions and this will impact negatively on the entire campaign performance.

Geo-targeting is a way to actively engage your target market and of course, BRT bus advertising is good when it comes to this.

It offers Long exposure

One of the secrets to successful out-of-home advertising campaigns is consistently taking brand messages to the target audience.

The truth is when people are consistently exposed to a brand and its value propositions for a long time, they tend to develop an emotional connection with that brand and activating this group of people to purchase is always easier.

Of course, the relatively long-time people have to spend inside a BRT bus during transit or at the terminal while waiting for a BRT bus in Lagos means that they would be exposed to transit ads for a long time.

It is Cost-effective

BRT bus advertising guarantees wide coverage. Reaching this large population of people repeatedly over several weeks without a repeating cost makes BRT bus advertising very cost effective.

This, of course, makes transit advertising just like billboard and lamp post advertising, one of the cheapest modes of advertising in Lagos.

Final thought on BRT bus advertising in Lagos

The advent of digital technology has made it easy for people to flood the digital neighbourhood with too much advertising noises that getting the messages across to the consumers are becoming increasingly difficult.

However, smart businesses in Lagos are leveraging BRT bus advertising to cut through the noise.

And of course, it won’t hurt doing the same.

Ensure that your message is unique and differentiated so as to stand out from the competition and of course, don’t forget to build a proper brand positioning.

It’s time to start crushing it with outdoor marketing

In today’s competitive business environment, brands don’t necessarily need heavy marketing budgets to differentiate from the competition.

At Transpose Services, we help both premium brands and growing businesses to leverage flyers distribution marketing, experiential marketing, billboards, lamp posts and transit advertising as guerilla marketing tactics to drive business results.

Get in touch with us and we’ll send over a proposal that outlines exactly what we would do to help you move the needle.

Of course, in the meantime, don’t forget to share.

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