Nigerians are on the move now, more than ever. This is why outdoor advertising is important to discerning brands.
At Transpose Services, we utilize the powers of strategically placed billboards, wall drapes, lamp posts, bus branding and transit advertising to execute creative audacity that would engage, inspire and connect people to your brand, whenever they are on the move, wherever they are.
As an expert in audience targeting, we have worked with brands within Lagos, across the country and in different industries to Plan, Create, Execute and Monitor outdoor campaigns that stand out and drive bottom lines.
From the planning process to the execution, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients smile.

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of travellers have seen outdoor advertising in the past month


believe that digital billboards stand out better than online ads


more effective at driving online activity than TV


of consumers have searched the web as a result of seeing an outdoor ad


At Transpose Services, we help brands to leverage outdoor advertising to reach their potential customers
whenever they are outside their homes to grow their bottom line.  Our strategies are simple but yet, effective 

Lamp Post Advertising

With our lamp posting advertising, we are sure to guarantee you massive exposure in high traffic areas in any part of the country.Just pick the location, call us and then go to sleep.You would wake to admire our ability to creatively tell your brand stories on the high ways.It is cost-effective, captivating and weather resistant.


If you stay in Lagos, then you would have probably seen a BRT bus branded by us.Yes, we are that popular. As a leading transit marketing agency in Lagos, we have helped both premium brands and growing agencies over the years to get their brand stories on the BRT transit buses, delivered to diverse audiences across strategic routes.We are not just good at getting your brands on the buses, our team of designers are professionally trained to design ad creatives that can connect your brand to the target audience.Get in touch and we would craft a campaign that would be custom-made for your business.They are cost-effective, captivating, weather resistant and offers unlimited exposures.

Billboard Advertising

As a leader in out-of-home advertising, we have worked with a lot of brands in Nigeria to craft campaigns that help them get the message out to the right people.With our unmatched expertise in audience and geo targeting, we can plan and execute smart strategies that would maximize your investment and drive your brand.We are a trusted partner, designed for performance.

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We utilize our massive experience in outdoor advertising to craft campaigns that drive results 
and then work with the clients every step of the way to implement the plans.
Here are what makes us unique.


Our eco-friendly approach ensures that we don’t harm the environment

Major High Ways

Our geo targeting is sure to provide maximum exposures

Elevated Exposure

Our wall drapes give such elevated exposure your competitor wouldn’t help but admire

World-Class Technology

We utilize only world class technology to execute our projects

Prime Locations

Nothing else, but strategic locations

Cost Effective

You don’t have to worry about breaking your bank


Over the years, we have worked closely with premium brands and growing agencies across the country to create and execute creative and effective outdoor campaigns that yielded results and here are why we are rated as No 1.



Number of referrals

Happy Clients

Expert in audience targeting