We combine elegance, sophistication and people to deliver a uniquely inspired experience that radiates a culture of pure indulgence, lavish comfort and class.

At Transpose Services, we have mastered the art of transforming events into a sanctuary of pure indulgence using our highly trained ushers and event staffs.

We glamorize and bring your events to life by selecting the right ushers according to the nature of your event.

At Transpose Services, we deploy professional ushers and experienced protocol officers for all types of events in Lagos and across the country, with excellent observational skills, healthy body structure, perfect reflexes, and sophisticated carriage with the ability to adapt to any rigor or stressful situation.

We boast of a wide selection of ushers from different backgrounds to which we carefully handpick the best that would meet your unique needs in superior ways.

Our events staffs are trained to manage elite events flawlessly.From the planning process to the execution, we work tirelessly to ensure you’re happy and satisfied.


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As a leading ushering services agency, we provide our clients with remarkably stylish ushers to glamorize their events. Our services are uniquely crafted to be purely inspirational

Wedding Ceremony

We warmly lit your wedding with regal ambience that offers your guests a peaceful welcome

Church Programs

We ensure that what needs to be done are done in style


Our ushers ensure that no single guest will be bored by any dull moment

Award Ceremony

Our ushers provide a touch of class that makes guests feel like royals the moment they step in

Corporate Events

Our smart ushers tell your brand stories and ensure that no one lacks top-notch assistance


To create the kind of environment that would enable clients to spoil their guests with sheer luxury and exquisite comfort, we seek to understand their unique needs. No matter what the challenges are, we listen to ensure that no detail is missed

Thorough Assessment

We assess your need to craft a solution that works

Royal Escort

We kingly escort your guests to their seats

Custom Solution

We only provide a solution that is custom-made for your need.

Continuous Support

We ensure that no guest feels abandoned at any point

Access Control

We ensure only invited guests are allowed into your events

Smart Ushers

We glamourize your events with smart-looking ushers


Over the years, we have worked closely with high-rated individuals, event planners and corporate brands in Lagos and across the country to create and execute solutions that is truly spectacular.


Here is why we are rated as the best.


Happy Clients

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