Engage your audience with immersive experience built around your vision that brings your brand to life


At Transpose services, we work with brands in Lagos and across Nigeria to produce a uniquely immersive experience that connects people to brands and inspire actions that drive bottom lines. We are a result-driven partner that brings brands to life through brand activations, road shows advertising, street marketing, brand events and experiential marketing.

We study your brand personality to understand what you represent, delve into customer base to understand what inspires them and then create memorable experiences that drive brand loyalty.

As a leading agency in direct experiential marketing in Nigeria, we have worked with various brands to Plan, Create, Execute and Monitor campaigns that inspire results. From the planning process to the execution, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are always satisfied.



At Transpose Services, we believe in using immersive experiences to bring brands to life, create unrivalled brand awareness, build a massive following, inspire fiercely loyal customers and drive growth and profitability.

Over the years we have worked with clients in Lagos and across Nigeria; in diverse industries and with different challenges to activate their brands, build street credibility and create personal experiences between brand and people through activation campaigns that are purely inspirational and immersive.

But before all these, we try to understand your customers first, what they want and what moves them and then craft a campaign that would build a successful brand.


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Wow your audience with creative experiential campaigns and compelling experiences that drive brand love.

We Conceptualize, Strategize, Plan and Execute experiential marketing campaigns that drive results. We utilize emotionally-charged campaigns, a team that can go the extra mile and our experience in the industry to help brands drive bottom-lines.

From the booth design to the execution of the actual campaign, we have helped clients across the country to create imaginative solutions that wow audiences.

We are experiential marketing agency that is driven to create  compelling experiences.  From conceptualization to the execution, we elevate brand experiences through campaigns that never fall flat.



If you are still considering whether brand activation and experiential marketing -campaign is right for you, here are what makes it so unique.

Unique Experience

Experiential marketing creates customers’ experience that is immersive and uniquely sophisticated

Return on Investment

Experiential marketing has helped a plethora of brands in Lagos and across the country to drive their bottom-line

Consumer Reach

Experiential marketing can reach your customers wherever they are, directly, establishing personal relationships

Channels Integration

Brand activation campaigns integrate flawlessly with other marketing channels to inspire results.

Brand Relevance

A well-executed campaign can activate the real essence of your brand and its core values

Cost Effective

Of course, you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank to execute one


We utilize our experience in the industry to craft solutions that will entertain your customers, inspire them and connect them emotionally to your brand.

Here are what makes us unique.

Thorough Research

We carry out thorough assessments to identify what your customers need.

Flawless Execution

We execute your campaign without mistakes

Unique Solution

We create a solution that is unique, only to you.

World-Class Technology

We utilize technology to execute the campaign

Prime Location

We select locations that are strategic to your goals


We work with brands in Lagos and across the country to produce a uniquely immersive experience that connects people to brands and inspire actions that drive bottom lines.

Here is why we are rated as the best.


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