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How to Glamorize Events with Ushers and Security Bouncers in Lagos

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2020)
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Of course, we have all been to boring events and I am sure a lot of people would give anything to escape a repeat experience.

The truth is they are soul-crushing, spirit-dampening and overtly annoying.

But how do the smart ones bring their events to life?

Of course, let continue.

Perhaps, you would agree with me that event planning has evolved beyond what it used to be in the past.

And the truth is those who are in tune with the current trends end-up creating experiences that engage people, connect them emotionally and immerse them in pure luxury and lavish comfort.

Of course, this is important for organisers that have a reputation to maintain.

Thankfully, in this post, I will show you how to craft events that are purely inspirational. So, if you are an event planner, you might want to consider reading this article slowly to the end.

I am sure you would find the insights very helpful.

But unlike what a lot of people erroneously assume, event planning is not about bringing people under one roof to terrorize them with blasting music or show-off culinary skills.

Of course, it is more than that.

It is an opportunity to connect people emotionally, indulge them in worldly flavours, uniquely inspire them with lavish comfort and of course, makes them feel safe.

And, why should you also do this?

Of course, it is simple, so, let get started.

Why you Should Glamorize your Events

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Image Credit: The Luxury Network

What’s all the fuss about changing the way we’ve always organized events?

Perhaps, you might ask.

Why do I need to put in my time, efforts and resources to make events exciting?

I will tell you, but just a few of them.

In 2017, North American business meetings reportedly generated $381 billion with just 329.7 million participants.

Also, the website reports that in 2018 alone, exhibitions generated $136.9 billion of direct spending worldwide with North America representing 44% of that expenditure.

Now, take a look at those numbers again.

Of course, such deafening amounts of money would not have been possible if the events were the usual unexciting kind of events some of us do come across now and then.

Sure, a lot of hard-works, sweats and sophistication has been put into them to make them stand out.

Of course, this re-enforces the ever-increasing need to make events a lifetime memory.

From corporate events to birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, comedy and music shows, fund-raising programmes and others, people expect to see a world-class kind of event.

All these are mostly as a result of the fact that the times have changed and the methods of planning events have as well.

So, we must begin to think of exciting ways to plan and organise them.

And of course, you would agree with me that one of such ways is through the use of professional ushers and bouncers.

And in this article, I will walk you through on how to glamourize your events using professional ushers and bouncers in Lagos.

So, let dive in.

Glamourizing events with ushers in Lagos

transpse services ushers team in lagos
professional ushers in an event in Lagos

Of all the metropolitan cities in Nigeria, Lagos seems to be the one with the greatest number of professional ushering service providers as of the time this post was published.

A search through Vconnect, Nigeria’s most popular business directory for the query ushering service providers in Lagos returned 78 results as against Abuja’s 23 and Port Harcourt’s 9 results.

Of course, this shows the growing need for professional ushers in Lagos.

Nevertheless, the primary roles of ushers remain the same everywhere, though sometimes this might be adapted to suit the peculiar demands of an event.

But basically, ushers help to guests to find their seats, restrooms, get access to the order-of-programme and sometimes, refreshments.

In certain events, especially those without security bouncers, they might be additionally tasked to check tickets to ensure only those invited are granted access to the event.

Of course, their roles can never be over-emphasized but it would be disastrous to fall into the wrong hands.

So, how would you avoid this?

Of course, let find out.

3 things to consider when choosing an ushering agency in Lagos

a team of ushers in Lagos

Choosing an ushering agency to work with could be quite burdensome especially if you are deciding for the first time.

Thankfully, this article compiled 3 things you should look out for when making a choice.

And here they are.

Their work history

Who have they worked with in the past? How did they perform in the past events they handled? What are their former clients saying about them?

The above questions may not make so much sense to you at the moment. But trust me, they could open up a whole lot of things to you.

Obviously, people’s honest reviews of a particular agency could help you to make the right decisions and avoid falling into a ditch.

One of the ways you can easily find out what people are saying about the company is by checking online.

Of course, the best place you can check for quality reviews is in their Google My Business profile.

It is a verified Google directory of local businesses.

Popular online forums like Nairaland and informative blogs like Infoguider do also write great reviews of Nigerian companies.

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are another great places to get honest reviews.

It won’t hurt checking out all these.

Their service delivery

How do they usher guests to their seats at events? How classy are their services?

Of course, these are important questions to ask.

A modern ushering agency should have ushers who are professionally trained to create flattering regal ambience around guests, in such a way they would have a feel of luxury comfort, exclusivity and safety.

Of course, guests love to feel that they are valued and it is your responsibility to make them feel such.

Apart from just leading people to their seats in grand style, the ushers should also be able to approach people politely.

In a very professional manner and at all times.

Well-trained ushers should know without being told when a guest is in need of simple things like the order of programme, serviette etc.

And of course, they should be willing to offer them one without hesitation.

Checking out for these things before committing to any ushering services.


Of course, this is important, even if you have the money to throw around.

That you need your event to be truly inspirational does not mean you should rob a bank to employ the services of professional ushers to handle it or over-pay for the service.

So, ensure that the agency’s fee is fairly priced concomitant to the value they would be bringing to the table.

The truth is any ushering agency that truly values customers’ satisfaction would make provisions for different ranges of people and customers’ needs.

Of course, ensure that you flee from those that are ridiculously cheap.

Final thought on professional ushers in Lagos

In an era where people and businesses are increasingly looking for crazy but meaningful ways to build memorable brand connections, a lot of smart marketers are leveraging events to get their messages across.

In fact, a survey by Bizzabo in 2018, shows that 31% of marketers believe that live events are the most effective marketing strategy over email marketing, content marketing and digital advertising.

In another survey by The Event Marketing Evolution, 52% of the respondents say event marketing drives more business value than other marketing channels.

Apart from these economic benefits, well-planned events have a way of soothing our souls, connecting people emotionally, building historical experiences and giving them a feel of worldly vanities.

So, whenever you are preparing to give people this luxury-kind of experiences, leverage a good ushering service in Lagos to provide a touch of glamour.

Of course, it is always less expensive than people think.

Don’t know how to get started? Discover how you can leverage professional ushers in Lagos to create a touch of glamour that connect people emotionally. LEARN MORE

Glamourizing events with security bouncers in Lagos

a team of professional security bouncers
security bouncers in an event in Lagos

Perhaps, you can still remember that I mentioned earlier that the use of security bouncers is one of the ways you can make your events come alive.

Of course, the truth is making provision for security bouncers in your event plans is one of the best things you could do for your guests.

Why? You might ask.

Of course, you don’t want to have your quest looking over their shoulders constantly to be sure they are safe.

This is why a lot of smart event planners deploy them.

Professionally trained security bouncers do not just keep uninvited guests away, they are also on the watch to put trouble makers away.

Though there are several agencies you can work with in Lagos, but you will have to ensure you entrust such a delicate task to the very best.

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of things to look out for in choosing a security bouncer for your events.

So, let get started.

What to look out for in a security bouncers’ agency

bouncers in lagos conducting a search

Whether you need immediate protection, planning for any events or wants boots on the ground around your facilities or properties, what are those things you should look out for?

Here are just a few of them, let dive in.

World-class technology

Crimes are evolving sophisticatedly, so also the methods for combating them.

So, always ensure that the security agency you would be engaging can deploy some level of world-class technology.

Of course, this has to do with technology like communication and surveillance kits, gadgets etc. These things help bouncers in monitoring everything that goes on around the venue of your event.

They are never to be waved aside.

Manner of approach

The agency should have security bouncers that are properly trained to approach and handle issues politely and of course, professionally.

Rude bouncers that are very careless with the way they talk might end up making a mess of the whole events.

Always insist on seeing the portfolio of past events, this might save you some headache in future.

Apart from this, look for excellent observational skills, healthy body structure and of course, massive muscles.

Of course, the cost

As important as glamorizing your events with security bouncers is, you don’t have to sell a kidney for that.

So, always go for services that are properly priced.

That way, you can still have some resources left to put into other necessary parts of the event.

Once you have these few things sorted out, of course, go for the agency, if not, you might want to consider other options.

Final thoughts on security bouncers in Lagos

It is never wise to gather people together in one place without making a proper plan for their security.

Of course, it is very dangerous to do so.

At Transpose services, we combine people, knowledge and technology to deliver reliable and high-quality security solutions that make people safe.

we deploy highly-trained bouncers and experienced bodyguards with excellent observational skills, healthy body structure, massive muscles and with the ability to adapt to any situation.

Over the years, we have worked with V.I.Ps within Lagos and across the country; events’ organisers and facility managers to plan, create, execute and monitor security solutions that stand out.

From the planning process to the execution, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are always safe.

Looking for a cost-effective yet result-oriented way to do this? Then GET IN TOUCH to get started.

Getting started with professional ushers and security bouncers in Lagos

I began by stating the obvious – the methods of events planning have changed, and unless we flow with the modern ways of organizing them today, we might end up making a mess of things.

I am sure you don’t want this.

At Transpose Services, we enable people, brands and organisations to leverage the power of well-trained ushers and professional security bouncers to bring their events to life.

Our services are uniquely crafted to be purely inspirational.

Get in touch with us and we’ll send over a proposal that outlines exactly what we would do to help you move the needle.

Of course, in the meantime, don’t forget to share, you might be helping a soul.

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