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BRT bus fleet Advertising in Benin, Abuja, Lagos e.t.c -executing a successful campaign

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2020)

I guess you are here because you are considering a BRT advertising campaign for your brand in Benin and possibly other cities in Nigeria.

The good news is you are in the right place especially if you are planning this for the first time.

So, in this post today, we will show you how we will help your brand(s) leverage this marketing channel to drive bottom-line.

Before we get started, here a few things you need to know about us.

At Transpose Services, we utilize the powers of strategically placed billboards, wall drapes, lamp posts, bus branding and transit advertising to execute creative audacity that would engage, inspire and connect people to brands.

As an expert in audience targeting, we have worked with brands across the country and in different industries to plan, execute and monitor BRT/bus branding campaigns that stand out and drive results.

We are not just good at getting brands on the BRT bus Fleets; our teams of designers are professionally trained to design ad creative’s that connect brands to their target audiences.

So if you are planning a BRT advertising campaign in Benin City, Lagos state, Abuja FCT, Ogun state and cities in Nigeria,  here are how we will work to help you drive maximum result.

Let’s dive in.

brt bus fleet advertising in Lagos, Abuja, Benin, ogun state- transpose services

How we help brands leverage BRT bus fleet advertising in Benin and cites in Nigeria to drive results

We will keep this discussion simple, straight to the point and fun.

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So, let get started.

Product analysis

Price, product, promotion and people are the 4-Ps of marketing.

If you have the market, the right prices, the marketing budgeting but a not-so-good product, you are going nowhere.

Of course, this is the reason the first thing we do before running any campaign is to carry out a product analysis and audit.

Here, we try to establish what your product is all about, how you are marketing the product, the need it is meeting, the features that differentiate it from the competition, the specific market segment it best suits, other unmet needs it can meet and what people thinks about the product.

This analysis will help us to develop a powerful marketing story for the product.

Demographic analysis

After the product analysis, we try to understand the demographic features of the market segment your products best suits.

Of course, don’t forget, we identified this market segment during product analysis.

But during this stage, we try to understand where they live, the routes they usually take, their age group and their average monthly disposable income.

This analysis will help us to achieve two things:

  • Target your campaign to the right people.
  • Select the right buses that will help us reach these people.

Crafting the marketing message

Nothing sells more than a good story.

So, here we will work with you to develop powerful stories around your brand that will engage your audience and connect them emotionally to the brand.

These stories will be at the core of our marketing message.

They will be developed to tell people who you are, what you do, your value propositions and why you are better than the competition in 8 seconds.

This is the average attention span of humans.

Banners designs

Stories are useless if they are not well told.

So after crafting a unique marketing message for your campaign, we will deploy our team of professional designers to translate your stories into appealing visual creatives.

These creatives will be used to brand the buses that will carry your messages.

Of course, before branding the buses, we work with the right authorities to secure the approval for the ads.

Channels integration

A study shows that it takes about 5 touch points for an average consumer to convert. This means you need to have other channels that will provide the extra touch points.

We design our campaigns in such a way that clients can flawlessly integrate multiple channels to their campaigns.

So, immediately your campaign starts running, we will work with you to integrate the right channels to boost your reach.

Of course, at no extra charge.

KPIs development

How do you know that your campaign is performing and by what numbers? Of course, this is difficult to measure.

So, we do the hard work for you.

We develop the right KPIs to monitor how your campaign is performing.

The good thing with KPIs is that they provide tangible and concrete evidence of how you are performing and the justification to either continue, kill or optimize (modify) the campaign.

Getting started with BRT bus branding/ advertising in Benin

brt bus fleet advertising in Lagos, Abuja, Benin, ogun state- transpose services

At Transpose services, we help ambitious businesses to get their brand stories on the transit buses, delivered to diverse audiences across all the strategic routes in Benin and other cities in Nigeria.

Some of these routes in Benin include Kingsquare to Ekenwan and Barracks; New Benin to Igbowo and Oluku and Benin to Agbor and Abraka and of course, a whole lot of others.

Over the years, we have executed other impactful bus branding campaign in Abuja FCT, Lagos state, Ogun state and across the country that help businesses to get their messages to the right people and connect them emotionally to brands.

From the planning process to the execution, we work tirelessly to ensure our client(s) brand lead..

Get in touch with us, Discover how your brand can leverage our experience to create emotional responses from consumers that can drive result.

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